A new era in how we grow plants

“Green Drops Hidropónia” is a product developed in Hungary, capable of revolutionising how we grow plants. One of the key benefits offered by this innovative equipment is enabling us to grow chemical free, but nutrient-dense greens, herbs, and various kinds of fresh, home grown vegetables and fruits. The automated system brings a new era in how we grow plants, and offers a superb solution for those, who wish to harvest plenty of produce in an environmentally friendly way, deploying limited efforts only, and having a limited space.

Water savings

Green Drops Hidropónia enables a significant reduction in the water consumption levels, needed to water normal gardens, with up to 90% volume savings achievable. A highly efficient method to grow plants, in terms of water intake, as the water circulating in the system gets recycled.

No soil needed

The plants are grown not in a soil, but in a nutrient and oxygen dense water, circulating in the Green Drops Hidropónia system. As no soil is required to grow the plants, we can eliminate the risk for plant infections and diseases to occur, derived from soil. The system also offers a perfect solution in locations, where the soil quality is not suitable to grow plants.

Grow more produce, faster

What makes this system especially attractive is that our plants will grow 3 times faster, and 30% more harvest can be achieved, compared to standard family gardens. Due to its highly advanced technology, with some Winter time adjustments, the Green Drops Hidropónia system will enable us to grow nutrient-dense plants all year round, pesticide free.

Small space is enough

The Green Drops Hidropónia system is an ideal solution for small spaces, for example to grow plants on our own terrace. It offers a solution, when we have limited space only. The system is made up of 7 vertical levels, and enables us to grow up to 70 different plants, on a 1 m2 size space only, so it offers a wonderful solution for those desiring to grow plants in a city.

Simple operation

If you have no time to tend your home garden, but still wish to have your own, fresh, home grown vegetables, Green Drops Hidropónia is a perfect solution for you. It is easy and fast to install the system, and thereafter has an automated operation. No need to water the plants, do any weeding, hoe work or spraying pesticides. With minimal attention, an abundant harvest is guaranteed.

Environmentally friendly solution

Green Drops Hidropónia is a reliable partner for a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Via the use of this equipment, you can ensure a sustainable lifestyle for your family and loved ones, and also help to protect our Planet. All users of the Green Drops Hidropónia equipment will give more chance for the next generations to come for a good life, via their own one small “green drop” contribution.

Green Drops hydroponic plant towers

The automatic vertical tower hydroponic system is a new era in crop production. All you need is water and a nutrient solution to grow fresh plants without chemicals. You can choose from different packages, there is 2, 5, 7 and 10 level tower. So everyone can find the perfect size for their needs. The system is easily expandable or can be combined with another tower if necessary.
GDFMINI 00 A w 1 1

2 levels hydroponic tower, 40 litres tank. 20 seedling apertures.

€ 345 + 27% VAT

GDFMINI 01 B w 1

5 levels hydroponic tower, 40 litres tank. 50 seedling apertures.

€ 534 + 27% VAT

GDFMINI 02 C w 1

7 levels hydroponic tower, 40 litres tank. 70 seedling apertures.

€ 652 + 27% VAT

GDFMINI 03 D w 1

10 levels hydroponic tower, 40 litres tank. 100 seedling apertures.

€ 828 + 27% VAT

Green Drops Basic 2 szintes hidropóniás berendezés

2 levels hydroponic tower, 90 litres tank. 20 seedling apertures.

€ 444 + 27% VAT

szingli 5szintes

5 levels hydroponic tower, 90 litres tank. 50 seedling apertures.

€ 633 + 27% VAT

Green Drops családi 7 szintes hidroponikus berendezés

7 levels hydroponic tower, 90 litres tank. 70 seedling apertures.

€ 751 + 27% VAT

csaladiXL 10szint ed

10 levels hydroponic tower, 90 litres tank. 100 seedling apertures.

€ 927 + 27% VAT

Advanced technology, Hungarian innovation!

Fast and efficient crop production for a healthier future!

Colorful, delicious, clean and incredibly nutritious food right on your plate!

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    A reliable partner for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle!

    Take care of your family and loved ones with advanced gardening technology from Green Drops Farm. Traditional gardening is complicated and time-consuming. Weeds, pests and diseases can damage the crop. The Green Drops Hydroponics Automated System offers you a cleaner, simpler and more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy foods.

    We recommend the system

    For enthusiastic beginners as well as high-minded professionals.

    Family system

    Green Drops Hydroponics provides the family with fresh and nutritious food throughout the year while providing quality time for family members. Growing plants playfully, easily for the whole family. Children can experience what it is like to consume their own food, and caring parents can give their children an environmentally and health conscious approach. The whole family can watch the miracle together as a tiny seed develops vegetables and fruits. Even so, little ones are more likely to eat healthy foods!

    Communal system

    Offices, schools, and communities can benefit from the Green Drops Hydroponics community facility. Gardening together brings people together and provides an extra experience for any group. Bring the love and joy of gardening to the younger generation, make workplaces greener and livelier, and produce healthy foods together. Restaurants, hotels and grocery stores can personalize their service with the system.

    Company system

    The Green Drops Hydroponic system can be expanded to industrial scale. It gives primary farmers, agricultural companies, small and large entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest or expand their portfolio. Problems of soil degradation and water management are becoming more pressing, and alternative crop production solutions will gain ground in the future. They are also less and less able to take on the risks of climate change. We recommend the Green Drops Hydroponic System for those who are looking for an innovative solution and are thinking big. They are open to new ideas and are the first to recognize the benefits of modern technology.

    A variety of fresh and healthy plants

    TOP 3 Green Drops Hydroponics plant

    The vertical cultivation system allows you to grow several different plants at the same time in our own small garden. Hydroponia is suitable for growing nearly 150 varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits.
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    Vegetables and fruits

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